Every Insult and Indignity:
The Life Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson

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Every Insult and Indignity

Every Insult and Indignity is an intriguing study of Major Patrick Ferguson's famed breechloading rifle and a fine example of what experimental archaeology can achieve. The authors, Bryan Brown and Ricky Roberts, are well-respected members of the Revolutionary War living history community who together have more than sixty years of experience in the hobby. They have produced a much needed and welcomed treatise.

---- Anthony J. Scotti, Jr., Ph.D.,

author of Brutal Virtue: The Myth and Reality of Banastre Tarleton.



This is an important work that furthers scholarship on Ferguson, his rifle, and the battle of Kings Mountain.  The authors have combined historical research with archaeology and field testing to re-analyze several long standing myths and misconceptions about Ferguson and his rifle.

Robert M Dunkerly,

author of The Battle of Kings Mountain: Eyewitness Accounts,

and The Kings Mountain Walking Tour Guide



Bryan Brown and Ricky Roberts have compiled a definitive work on one of the American Revolution's more interesting characters, Patrick Ferguson, who developed the screw breech flint lock and commanded British riflemen in its use.

Bryan and Ricky have gone to the extra effort to authenticate every contemporary account, archeological findings and objects in museums from Ferguson's era.

James “Spot” Fulton



Countless articles have been written about the Ferguson rifle over many years and an even greater number of discussions and debates as well. What both of you have achieved through many long hours of research and extensive "hands on" work is a book, that for all intents and purposes, I consider to be the bible on the Ferguson Rifle and its creator. No such level of factual historic, academic and technical information has ever been compiled until now. I congratulate you both for the most authoritative manuscript on the Ferguson Rifle ever written.

Philip M. Edwards

Founder and CEO of Narragansett Arms



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Every Insult and Indignity: The Life, Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson

Although I’ve always primarily feasted on a steady diet of fiction novels I now and then find myself craving a revealing biography, or perhaps a really interesting and meaty morsel of history that tells a true story interwoven with fascinating facts I might not come across anywhere else. Not just a passing yen, it’s a long-standing hunger for historical fact I’ve carried through the years for something that transcends anything ever offered way back in high school texts, which I unfortunately found very formal and dry (and which for the most part extinguished any enthusiasm I had then for American history.)

Ricky Roberts’ and Bryan Brown’s Every Insult and Indignity bestows all those good things I missed back then and more, plunging the lucky reader into a highly researched, multi-dimensional account of the true enigma of an unusual man by the name of Patrick Ferguson, his unique design for a military rifle that rocked the Revolutionary war, and modern misconceptions of the invention’s effectiveness often due to error. (If only current political issues were so carefully and thoroughly examined!)  The authors’ passion for factual details along with their talent for crafting a compelling story have resulted in an absorbing book that anyone with a hankering for history will find highly satisfying, as I did.

--Leann Marshall,

author of The Starfish People and The Rendering


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