Every Insult and Indignity:
The Life Genius and Legacy of Major Patrick Ferguson

Table of Contents


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Table of Contents

The Ferguson Ordnance Rifle
The Inventor 
What Makes The Ferguson So Unique?
Patrick Ferguson’s Patent 
An Essay on Shooting in 1789 by John Acton 
Ferguson’s Letter to Lord Townsend, Master General of Ordnance  
Report of Patrick Ferguson’s Demonstrations for the King at Woolwich 
Replicating the Tests at Woolwich
Ferguson and his Rifle Come to America 
Patrick Ferguson and the End of the Brandywine Campaign 

Ricky’s Version of the Washington Shot:  Battle Accuracy of the Ferguson Ordnance Rifle                                                                                                              

Why was Washington Not Worried? 

Patrick Ferguson & the Ferguson Rifle at the Battle of Kings Mountain      


Approach to Kings Mountain                                                             

Modern Perception of the War and Kings Mountain                                    

Care and Feeding of the Ferguson Ordnance Rifle                                   

Dress for Shooting the Ferguson                                                                        

Loading and Firing the Ferguson Ordnance Rifle                                           

Lubing the Breech                                                                                                  

Lubing the Ball                                                                                                    

Cleaning the Ferguson                                                                                        

Approach One: Modern Solvents and Patches                                                 

Approach Two: Tepid Water and Modern Cleaning Solutions                     

Approach Three: Boiling Water                                                                         

Fouling and the Ferguson Ordnance Rifle                                                       

Breaking the 48-Ball Barrier                                                                              

Where May I Buy a Ferguson Rifle?                                                                 

What is the load you use in your Ferguson?                                                     

How does Humidity effect the Ferguson                                                            

Shooting tips                                                                                                        


The Sights on the Ferguson Military Rifle                                                        

Ferguson’s Rifles and the British Army                                                            

Other attempts at breechloaders                                                                        

A Brief History of the Rifle                                                                                 

The American Long rifle and Jaeger/Military Rifle. Which is better?            


Appendix A: Safety Guidelines                                                                          
Appendix B:  Ferguson and the Brandywine shot                                           
Appendix C:  Memorials and Epitaphs                                                            
Appendix D: Egg Harbor                                                                                   
New-York, November 7.                                                                                     
Appendix E: Letter of Anthony Allaire about the Battle of Kings Mountain and its Aftermath                                                                                                               
Appendix F: 1764 Manual of Arms                                                                  

Recommended Web Resources                                                                          
Author Biographies                                                        

Spelling in the period documents has not been “corrected” from the original spelling and or grammar. 

It may make it harder to read, but we did not want to colour the original with possibly erroneous “corrections”. These period quote are italized to make them distinguishable from general text. Authors



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