Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps
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The majority of material used in researching the uniforms and weapons for the current Hesse-Kassel Jägers Korps was taken from primary sources. The unit is continuing to do research on various items as some areas of the uniform are not clearly detailed in the research covered to date. Additionally, this research shows there were some variations in the uniform brought about by the need to locally aquire replacement items due to supply shortages.

    Headgear: Black tricorn with black lace for most ranks, Green and white rosette and sword knot, When not on parade black Hanoverian cockades were worn. On Parade green rosettes with tall green feathers were added to the hats. For most duties Fatigue hats were worn. These long caps were made from bits of old uniforms and actually were the more commonly worn headgear.

    Regimental Coat: Woolen coat blue/gray/Green with crimson cuffs and facings narrow lapels which would not button closed only hooked across chest with the lapels back and long tails which were unlined. Silver buttons 3 on each pocket, 3 on each cuff, buttons on lapels are arranged to denote company 1 button evenly spaced is 1st company, buttons paired in twos for 2nd company, one and pairs for third company, set of four for fourth company. Narrow yellow lace on the coat cuffs and collar for Feldwebel (Sergant), white lace for Korparal.

    Belts: Brown leather with rectangular buckles.

    Weskit: White linen weskit will be primary uniform Green woolen with pockets
    will be optional winter wear.

    Neck stocks: Black fabric apparently linen for other ranks, velvet for NCO's, and silk for Officers.

    Shirt: White linen.

    Pants: White linen breeches will be primary uniform item. Optional uniform items pants used generally for winter wear were green woolen. Some sources indicate ticking pants were also worn without gaiters as they are gaitered trousers. Officers and NCOs may wear buckskin breeches.

    Gaiters: Black over the knee with leathern knee protectors 18 buttons pewter with rims. They were trimmed to lenght from a default pattern. Some pictures show brown although the (research is now equally divided amoung the primary sources) majority of sources indicate black gaiters after the French and Indian / 7 years war and dragoon type boots don't seem unusual for Officers and NCO's.

    Footwear: Shoes were apparently the issue item for other ranks although there is evidence of dragoon boots for Officers and NCOs(Junkers) black smooth side out.

    Hairstyles: Long queue of hair bound with black tape sides rolled / curled with one less curl on the right side to allow the hat to be tilted to the right. Wigs were worn by those who didn't have long natural hair. Moustaches were strongly encouraged and handle bar types were quite prevalent. The moustache was compulsory for Grenadiers.

    Uniform Accessories

    Gauntlets: Cream or buff goatskin gloves with cuffs.

    Haversack, Tornister: Leather, hair on cowhide, closes with two buckled straps, carried on
    buff strap

    Cartridge Box: 20 rounds worn on waist belt in belly box brown leather the flap.

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