Recommended Reading

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Primary Resources Journals and Diaries
  • Reglement vor Die Hessische Infantrie 1754
  • Reglement vor Die Hessische Infantrie 1767
  • Revolution in America: Confidential Letters and Journals 1776-1784 of Adjutant General Major Baurmeister of the Hessian Forces Uhlendorf Bernhard translator Rutgers University Press lib cong cat # 57-6221
  • Siege of Charleston: Journals of Capts. Johann Ewald, Johann Hinrichs and Major General Christoph Von Huyn Uhlendorf Bernhard translator New York Times & Arno Press lib cong cat # 67-29028


Secondary Resources

  • Colonial Living Tunis Edward Thomas Y. Crowell Pub.
  • Living History: Drawing on the Past  Johnson Kathy
  • Tidings from the 18th Century  Gilgun Beth
  • Fredrick the Greats Army 3 Specialist Troops Hayhtornthwaite Phillip, Fosten Bryan Osprey Publishing # 248 ISBN # 1855322250
  • Fredrick the Greats Army 2 Infantry Hayhtornthwaite Phillip, Fosten Bryan Osprey Publishing # 240 ISBN # 1855321602
  • The British Army in North America May Robin, Embleton G. A. Osprey Publishing #39 ISBN # 0 85045 195 7  Buy a Book
  • The British Soldier His Life from Tudor to Modern Times De Watteville H. Col. G.P. Putnam's Son's NY
  • The German Allied Troops in the American War of Independence 1776-1783 Von Elking Max
  • The Hessians: and other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the War Lowell Edward Kennikat Press Inc lib cong cat # 64 25543
  • Organization of the British Army in the American Revolution Curtis Edward Scholarly Press Inc.
  • Safety Regulations of the British Brigade revised 1 Feb. 1992
  • Uniforms of the American Revolution Mollo John, McGregor Malcolm Sterling Publishing NY NY ISBN # 0 8069 8240 3
  • Women Camp Followers of the American Revolution Blumenthal Walter Ayer Co. Publishers Inc.


Firearms & Weapons

  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms & Weapons Tarassuk Leonid, Blair Claude Simon & Schuster Publishing
  • Guns and Rifles of the World  Blackmore, Howard L
  • Hunting weapons  Blackmore, Howard L  ASIN: 0802701477
  • Firearms  Blackmore, Howard L
  • Hunting Weapons from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century  Blackmore, Howard L  Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486409619
  • Battle Weapons of the American Revolution  Newman George C
  • Swords and Blades of the American Revolution  Newman George C
  • Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution  Newman George C,  Kravic Frank


Gun Building

  • The Gunsmith of Grenville County,building the American longrifle  Alexander, Peter A. 
  • Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle  Dixon, Ehrig, and Miller

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