Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps
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        1st Company, Hesse-Kassel Jägers
          The First Company can be found in Ohio

        Hessen-Cassel FeldJäger Corps
          Company von Prueschenk and Lorey's Company

        Grenadier Company, Regiment von Bose
          Former Regiment von Truembach
          Primarily based in the southeastern states of the U.S.

        Füsilier-Regiment von Ditfurth
          This site is in German

        Regiment von Donop
          Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, although members hail from New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and even further.

        Regiment Prinz Carl
          Based in Williamsburg, Virginia.

        Hesse-Hanau Jägers
          Located in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

        Brunswick Jäger Company
          Group located in Germany, site is in German

        Brunswick Regiment Von Riedesel
          Located in the American Midwest

        Braunschweiger Regiment von Barner
          Jäger companies in Brunswick, Germany, Quebec and Ontario.


        4th Company, Brigade of Foot Guard
          Headquartered in North Carolina and Virginia

        Company of Light Infantry, 8th Regiment of Foot

        23rd Regiment of Foot - Royal Welch Fusiliers
          Based in Orange County California

        33rd Regiment of Foot
          Based in Southern California

        64th Regiment of Foot
          Staffordshire Regiment from Maryland, Washington DC,Virgina, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

        The British Brigade

        Butler's Rangers
          Regimental Headquarters is co-located with McDonell's Company in Brantford, Ontario. Independent companies exist in both Canada and the United States.

        Kings Rangers, Haydens Company

        The King's Regiment of Foot
          Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, England, New Jersey, and New York
        76th MacDonald Highland

        The Loyal American Regiment
          Membership throughout the Mid-Atlantic area

        Royal North Carolina Regiment


        Second South Carolina Regiment 

          Membership coming from the South Carolina area

        Second North Carolina Regiment

        Locke's Milita/Kingsbury Artillery

        Second Virginia

        Crockett's Western Battalion

        2nd Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line

        2nd Massachusetts Regiment

        2nd New Hampshire Regiment,Continental Line

        4th Continental Light Dragoons, Larkin's Troop

        7th Virginia regiment of the Line

        Second Company, Governor's Foot Guards

          The Second Company, Governor's Foot Guard is a historical state military organization from New Haven, Connecticut, founded during the Revolutionary War era. Comprised of a group of men and women volunteers, dedicating their time and services to the Governor and people of the state of Connecticut.

        6th Regiment, Connecticut Continental Line


        Pulaski's Independent Legion
          The recreated Pulaski's Legion is generally located in the NYC metropolitan area and Lancaster PA.

        Culpeper Minute Battalion
          Located in the Virginia area


        The Woodland Confederacy
          NJ, Nova Scotia, New Hampshire


        The Brigade of the American Revolution

        North West Territories Association

        British Brigade  (plays sounds on the site)

        The Continental Line

        Field Music of the American Revolution

        Society of Hessian Military- and Civil History (English)

        Gesellschaft für Hessische Militär- und Zivilgeschichte (Same site but in German)

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