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     Jas. Townsend and Son
      Clothing, Cooking items, Accessories, Camping Items, Tents, Books, Patterns and More. Thousands of items available to order online!

    Smoke and Fire
      Providing Goods for Living History Re-enactors. Catalog of Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval Clothing, Patterns, Books, Historic Camp Gear, & Period Accoutrements.

    Panther Primitives
      We bring the past to life by supplying historical reproduction tents and supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage.

    Track of the Wolf
      Clothing, leather tanning, books, camping gear, tents, and much more.

    C & D Jarnagin Company
      We provide the finest quality, most authentic wares you can buy. Our Workshops produce a full complement of Military Uniforms and Equipment, as well as Men's Civilian Clothing from 1750 through 1865.

    G. Gedney Godwin, Inc
      Specialists in 18th Century Military Reproductions has a complete line of items useful to the military man; such as muskets, bayonets, leather goods, uniforms, cocked hats, diverse sorts of brazen sundries, &c., all done in the neatest manner. Please remember that these are highly specialized items and not always in stock because they are hand-made as a hobby by craftsmen who do it in their spare time.

    Clearwater Hats
      Clearwater Hats has the world's largest selection of high quality, award winning reproductions of civilian and military Civil War hats, Victorian hats and old west hats!

    William Booth Draper

    They are a source forhand made thread
    (Dorset) buttons, bone knitting needles, and linsey woolsey. Thier website provides a significant amount of information on how the fabrics may be used.

    Dixie Gun Works
      Black powder guns, Antique gun parts and Shooting supplies.

    Track of the Wolf
      Muzzleloading gun parts and supplies for gun makers.

    Tennessee Valley Muzzeloading
      Handcrafted Muzzleloading Rifles and Supplies, Custom Carving, Engraving, Scrimshaw & Handmade Pouches

    L & R Lock Company
      Authentic Recreations of Old World Design, Craftsmanship and Quality Musket and rifle parts.

    The Rifle Shoppe
      Everything in our catalog is something we have copied from original weapons. We do not sell any commercially made locks or hardware which are found in other catalogs. We only offer parts made by us from original Scottish, English, French, German, Austrian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, US, Russian, Danish and Swedish arms, as well as plug bayonets, socket bayonets, spontoons, gorgets, prints and drawings and a new full size section in our catalog showing several hundred pictures of cocks, frizzens, frizzen springs, sideplates, thumbpieces and entry thimbles in actual size.

    Loyalist Arms - Canada
      We supply weapons and accessories of all types from the Roman Period to the late 19th Century!

    Ninety Six Fabrics 
      Stocks linens, wools, silks, cottons and accessories.

    Hancock Fabrics
      Stocks assorted linens and wools.

    The Recollections of J.P. Ryan
      Fine patterns for both Ladies and Gentlemen for all manner of Clothing and Accessories. All designs to the latest Taste and most fashionable precepts as may be found in London and Paris.

    Kannik's Korner
      Historic Costume Patterns, Books and Cross Stitch Kits. We design and publish authentic, documented, historic clothing patterns for use in Living History, Museums and Theater, and specialize in eighteenth and early nineteenth century (1750-1820).

    G Street Fabrics
      Stocks assorted linens and wools.

    Heritage Books
      historical & genealogical resources.

    King's Arms Press and Bindery

      Specializing in fine reprints of 18th century books and pamphlets.

    Hope Farm Press & Bookshop
      New York State Colonial Military books, from the Indian depredations in the Border Wars, the French and Indian (Old French) War, the Revolutionary War and beyond to the War of 1812.

    Shumway Publishing



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