Hesse-Kassel Jäger Korps 

Books and Manuals Archive


Baurmeister                  Revolution in America the letters and journals of Major General Baurmeister

Carlsruhe                      Was ist jedem Officier waehrend eines Feldzugs zu wissen noethig  (a 1738 manual in German for what an officer needs to have/know to take the field)

Clinton/Cornwallis        Correspondence Between Clinton and Cornwallis

Emmerich                     The Partisan in War

Ewald                          Diary of the American War

Franklin                        Ben Franklin on Hessians, a collection of ficticous letters and articles published during the revolution by Ben Franklin

Lochee                        An Essay on Castrementation

                                    Siege of Charleston (collection of Diaries: Ewald, Heinrichs, Baurmiester, Von Wintzingeroda)

Simcoe                        A history of the Partisan Corps known as the Queens Rangers

                                    Translation of a treaty between his Majesty and the Landgrave of Hesse Cassel 1776

Rodgers                        Journal or Robert Rodgers


                                    1754 German Drill Manual

                                    1764 Manual of Arms (English manual)

Howe                           Light Infantry Discipline Established by Major General Howe 1774

                                    Light Infantry Manual 1797

                                    Light Infantry Manual 1797 (Word version from British Brigade site)